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Cricket has experience training thousands of individuals around the world, ranging from executives to front-line staff. Her extensive industry experience offers expertise in Healthcare, High-Tech, Finance, Sales, Government, Manufacturing, Retail, Non-Profit and Education. Her previous client list includes global corporations like Sony, Vans, and Mars as well as top executives, Hollywood celebrities and influential humanitarians.  


She is poised to help organizations address underlying issues that affect organizational performance as well as the health and vitality of teams. Her work challenges intact teams to examine where they might be stuck and to build skills for improving the collaboration needed to drive innovation, employee engagement and profitability.


The relationship Cricket creates with her individual clients is powerful and sacred. She offers proven tools to help people overcome plateaus and life-long hurdles that have previously seemed impenetrable.  She is consistently recognized for her engaging and impactful speaking style, and is a keynote favorite at conventions and seminars across the globe.