"Thank you for all you do. You are a much sought-after presenter and the reasons are very obvious!  You do an amazing job and your presentation skills and preparation are second to none.  I always know that whenever you’re involved with a client of mine, I have absolute knowledge that they will be ecstatic with the results." –S.M.

WOW is all I can say about Cricket!  What an informative, yet entertaining presentation.  Our attendees definitely got a big "take it back to work" bonus and we thank you for your company's contribution to the success of our educational program and first live webcast.   We are looking forward to the possibility of working together in the future! –H.Y.




Cricket is unbelievably perceptive and yet practical.  The combination leads to potent action plans for change and growth. -A.G.



Thank you, thank you! Just wanted to tell you again that today’s session was great! We had such a good participation and engagement, and we definitely saw them having ah-ha moments. One leader said the session was well-executed and that he really enjoyed it. And another reported that he thought it went very well, and that you impressed him. So, thank you so much for being you! We’re very proud of what we’ve heard thus far, and just wanted you to know your hard work and dedication to doing this right is much appreciated. –M.K.




I'm grateful to be "joined at the hip" with Cricket here in Los Angeles and appreciate her skill and dedication to her craft.  Besides skillful training, she has been marvelous at customer service and has provided outstanding support to us well above the call of "duty."   I wouldn't want to try and manage a project of the scale of this project without her! –M.P.




I just wanted to tell you how lucky we all were to have been trained by Cricket. I received so many comments by her peers and other trainers. She is very well respected and her talents, skills and abilities are very well known. I felt very special to say Cricket was my trainer! – Y.S.

I just wanted to thank you again for participating in our recent patient safety conference. Your presentations seem to have been the highlight of the conference.  We were certainly fortunate to have you with us. –K.A.



Thank you Cricket.  It was my pleasure to meet and work with you this past week.  I appreciate your training style, and thought you added considerable value to our learning experience--specifically in your demeanor, pacing, and knowledge (and practice in) the subject matter!  As I said to you then, I know why they hired you to do this job! Best of luck to you in your career!




My intentions were to send you a thank you card for helping me so much.  You made such a difference in my perspective and the outcome. You are such a talented woman and are giving so much to people--a gift that affects both their professional and personal lives.  And not only that, but there is a ripple effect from what others are learning in terms of all the people they come in contact with. So here's to you! –L.P.H.




Thanks for doing such a spectacular job at facilitating the Crucial Conversations course and the train-the-trainer. I learned a lot.  I also appreciate the genuine person that you are.  Your encouragement in both settings was very reassuring. -J.B.J.




I don't even know where I would be in my life without Cricket.  I used to spend so much time thinking about the past and mourning all the time I had lost and opportunities I missed.  She has changed everything for me: my outlook on the world, myself, and everyone around me.  She has helped me become the most powerful person in my life and has given me the skills to create meaningful and lasting change for the future.  I am beyond grateful and words are not enough.  


While I'm thinking about it, let me reaffirm how great it has been working with Cricket on every level. To a person, all of the trainers have made a point of commenting about how much they gain from her coaching. The comments I hear are along the lines of "No matter how badly I've botched things up, Cricket helps with the recovery in the most positive, graceful way" and "Cricket is able to give very constructive feedback and do it in a way that is very affirming and supportive." She models the Crucial Conversations skills and approach so well in her interaction with us and with the participants. –M.C.




Cricket, you are a gifted facilitator who brings vital smarts, vibrant energy and rooted authenticity and integrity to the session. “Thank you” for sharing yourself so honestly with us during our course and training. Your being "you" allowed me to be "me." You are a living testament, personally and professionally, to how the crucial conversations principles can be applied with ease, finesse and great success. Congratulations! –G.S.




I wanted to let you know that the team's feedback included high praise for your courage and candor in sharing times when you were less than flawless in applying the skills you were teaching. This is a hard group to keep engaged as we are in an intense period of implementation activity, but I do believe this session made a difference based on some candid conversation I overheard between two of our leaders which I will share without attribution.  One leader remarked  that he told his spouse that their whole family was going to get a copy of the book to read.  Another leader confessed that he did not have high hopes for the session and had planned leave two hours early to attend another meeting, but changed his mind and stayed all the way through.  The formal feedback sheets had high ratings in every category. Thank you.  You made a difference.